Non Explosive Chemical Retailers & Applicators NON-EXPLOSIVE DEMOLITION OR CRACKING POWDER TO BE USED FOR ROCK OR CONCRETE BREAKING WITHOUT EXPLOSIVES. PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT BEFORE USING THE PRODUCT!  PPE REQUIRED !!!!!!!! WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES AND GLOVES THAT REACH UP TO YOUR ELBOW, CLOTHING THAT COVERS YOUR ARMS AND LEGS AND A GOOD DUST MASK OVER YOUR MOUTH. A HELMET IS HIGHLY  RECOMMENDED. Free surface area. For this product to work efficiently, a free surface area must be created so that expansion of the rock/concrete can occur.  Think of an iceberg standing above the sea surface. The iceberg has a free surface area all around it. If you encounter a trench or hole where the bottom is filled with solid rock, do the following. Draw a circle or a square on  the surface as large as possible to create a hole [minimum about 1.5m DIA]. Drill holes 25mm to 50mm from one another  all along the line that was drawn. Fill every second hole with mortar. You are in fact “digging” a hole in the rock/concrete.  You have created a free surface area! Drilling of holes.  The diameter of the hole can vary from 34mm DIA to 40mm DIA depending on the material to be cracked.  As a rule of thumb. Drill 36mm DIA holes. For hard rock or concrete, the holes should be about 250 to 300mm from one  another. Drill honey-comb style. For reinforced concrete, the holes should be about 200mm from one another.  How to use the product? Expansive mortar is a product that must be thoroughly mixed with clean clear water in a ratio that the powder must be  30% of overall weight. Use +- 1.5 litre’s of water for every 5 kg pack of powder. Add the 1.5 litres of water into an appropriate container.  Add a little bit of powder at a time and stir all the time. The consistency must be that of slurry [a liquid kind of  mud].  Stir all the time to get smooth lump free mortar.   FILLING OF HOLES MUST OCCUR WITHIN 10 MINUTES OF MIXING!  Filling of holes.  The pouring must take place when the rock or concrete is cold. The best time is in the morning before  sunrise. Blowout of the chemical mortar will occur when poured into warm or heated rock or concrete.  Drill the target area the one day/s and pour the mortar chemical the next day.  Keep your face away from the top of the hole in case blowout occurs!  When drilling in a horizontal position and some mortar leaks out, stop hole with a wet sponge or some stiff  mortar. Results can already be observed within hours of pouring the material into the holes. Allow for maximum results  from 24 to 48 hours in summer and up to 96 hours on cold winter days.  As soon as water makes contact with the powder, a chemical process is activated that causes the material to rise  in temperature in a drastic way. Use the mortar with great care to avoid injuries! WARNING If any of the powder or mortar lands in the eye, wash with lots of water soonest possible! Do not allow the dust from the  powder to be inhaled and damage your lungs! If you make skin contact with the product, wash with lots of water soonest.  Be mindful of blowouts that can occur when the rock/concrete is warm when pouring. Keep your face away from the path of a  blowout!  This product is safe when used correctly!  It is a non-explosive rock and concrete cracking powder.  Indemnity clause HYDRA PROOF does not hold itself responsible if this product is used incorrectly by contractors purchasing the product and it  is not used correctly. Follow the instructions exactly as prescribed. 


Ecodust ECODUST IS A HIGH RANGE DUST SUPPRESSANT AND SURFACE SEALER THAT IS A EMULSIFIED DUST LUBRICATION SYSTEM THAT AIDS IN SUPPRESSING RISING DUST PARTICLES AND SPORES. USES OF PRODUCT Haul roads, Game reserve roads, Rural farm Roads, Construction Roads and sites, Residential Roads, Paddocks PRIMING AND SEALING Pre wet roads and leave to penetrate surface Profile and scarify Roads surface Apply to surface with a water tank or truck to distribute evenly 100% all natural liquid additive to soil Work slurry evenly over road Compact road if needed Sweep surface with mechanical broom Compact road again without vibration UV Resistant and VOC Free MAINTENANCE Quality of base material Climate conditions Volumes and types of Traffic Pre wet roads and leave to penetrate surface Profile and scarify Roads surface
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